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Report - Long Rake Spar Mine, Youlgreave, Derbyshire – November 2020


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Some history plucked from the company’s website;

‘The mine at Long Rake was opened by W.G. Cooke and Co. in 1867 to extract fluorspar, calcite, and lead with production beginning in 1872. By 1881 the Long Rake Spar Mining Company had been founded and extraction continued to expand, with the company owning the above surface level and a nearby quarry site.’

From an old report on nwex.co.uk;

‘…the plant was erected in 1924/25 and a shaft 300ft sank. This was wound by a 12HP vertical boilered winding engine. The mine went on to have 3 levels at 300, 375 and 425ft. The lower 2 being accessed by underground declines.’

Underground spar extraction ceased in 1981 but the above ground works is still in full swing to this day.

Visited with @Gsxrwayne

There is clearly more here to see but recent infilling and collapses have made things a trifle difficult. But this is what we managed. Pix are a mix of phone and DSLR.


Nice array of wooden chutes for the spar

That's your lot, cheers for looking​


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This place is a bit more 'hardcore' than some of the other local mines, but you got a stunning set of pics there mate.


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Yeah that could be nasty for someone wondering in the wrong direction looking for the entrance :eek:

Down and beyond

I am just developing the mine by improving access
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Nicely captured mate ! Picture 2 is defo due a hand line to clip the cows tails onto lol

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