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Wanted - Long Shot but.....


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Hey all,
I will be selling my house next summer, and I would love to buy an unloved property to be brought back into being a family home.
I really don't want to just buy another house. I would prefer to renovate again just like I did with my current home.
I want a house with a soul and history. I am in the Leicester area, so would anybody have any suggestions of abandoned properties within Leicester/Leicestershire?
I am more than happy to do the research to find the owner to approach etc etc, but I really would appreciate your help in locating any possible properties that I could consider being my last move!


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I don't know why people are so negative to posts like this really - it's a website about abandoned places and you're looking for an abandoned place... What better is there to ask!

There are quite a few places around Leicestershire. You can search search for Leicestershire within the Residential forum. Here's a handy link to the results:

Good luck - there are some fantastic buildings out there falling apart, and it's always nice to see them get saved.


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Why not save yourself some money and re-love your current one.
Heres an idea, post it in leads and rummours section, abandone the property for half a year and return to see several reports on it on it. Maybe some wide angle shots of your gaff at jaunty angles maybe rekindle your affection for it.