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Long-time lurker, finally decided to join in on the fun!


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28DL Member
Hi everyone! I'm from Cheshire and I've been really interested in the hobby for many years now, but I've only recently decided to give it a go for real. I've always been of the belief that this is not a hobby to be practiced alone, mostly for safety reasons, so after years of trying to persuade friends to join me (to no avail), my work friend and fellow photography enthusiast decided to join me this week to try out some local potential spots!
Two out of our first three locations where not as accessible as they seemed, and the other was best left to an early morning when prying eyes were still asleep. But our forth location turned out to be a roaring success (more on that shortly...)

I've actually been a non-registered lurker on this site for several years, so it's bloody great to finally be a member. Me and my mate have a growing checklist of places we want to explore in the coming months and I can't wait to share our finds with you all. Also can't wait to get to know some of you at last!
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