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Lead or Rumour info - Longbridge closing down again...


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To be fair I gave it a year or two... it always looked like a token gesture to me. I've never seen a transporter full of cars leave though so they can't have been churning them out!

Dave W

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Thats the "current" MG Line in the front of CAB1, Nothings been "built" on it for at least six months.
The System1 line at the back was shipped to china although all of the ground upwards infrastructure is still there.
CAB2 was mostly converted into the new paintshop intended for BINI production - this is all still there along with parts of the MG Line, The buildings between CAB1 and CAB2 have lots of rover production line left albeit with most of the unfinished bodyshells now removed. The lines still powered up but the roof is leaking badly and its all quite derelict.

Will get some photos up at some point.