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Report - Longbridge Flight Shed - Part Two


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Longbridge Report – Flight Shed, Grovely Lane (Since Demolished) PART 2 - November 2011

Birmingham Urbex.


Securities office. I guess our only piece of luck was that the security patrolled the outside of the building the majority of the time, and now we had the inside to ourselves it was easy to blend into the sounds of metal clunking from the wind.
Got the smell of some stinkin erb’ from in here, made me feel slightly more comfortable…..a wah do dem.















I wont go into details as to how we managed to do this. Lets just say it ended in the corridor of the last photo, and involved me, dubleo & donEdHardy sprinting down the maze of stairways, and scrambling up the side verge outside whilst the sounds of an alarm and dogs barking exploded in the background.
Not going to lie, it was one of the best buzzes I’ve ever had from Urbex as the reality of getting caught was quite intense.

We sat on the top of the verge, amongst nettles and thorn bushes for about an hour in absolute silence waiting for the commotion to calm down, and after the alarm bells died out and the voices disappeared, we shiftily made our exit out the way we came.

Anyway, our trip was interrupted so we had to leave, after what I believed to have been about an hour or so. When realizing the time I worked out that we had actually been lurking around in there for the best part of 4 hours.

I find that Longbridge is a fascinating place with history that would make any town/city proud. However, this place never got the credit it deserved and it does really disappoint me to see that this place has now gone, forever. It has been demolished and hardly recognized for its achievements to help us defend our country in time of need.
However that is the sad story of the united Kingdom as a whole, space is precious on this little island, therefore any space deemed ‘wasteful’ is usually flattened and something commercial is built in its way. Something to make money and that is usually it boils down to. I just hate to imagine what the world would be like with nothing but commercialized infrastructures, advertising and a soulless environment.

It’s places like Longbridge and the Rover works that make the world that little more interesting, and I can only help that my additions to the documentations can help preserve some of the historic values which have now been physically destroyed and left to disintegrate into the abyss of nothingness.

This wont be the last time I venture here as of its sheer size. Next stop…….the tunnels ☺

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