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Report - Longdendale valley Avro Lancaster bomber crash site 08-05-2011


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Having visited some of the local WW2 aircraft wrecks AND inspired to post by the stunning pictures posted in f/b's recent pictures of "Over exposed" .
Thought it was maybe time for me to post a couple of pictures or so as the "fetid pit of despair" is looking a bit bare at the moment :D .

This was one of the rare trips "wreck exploring" where the rain wasn't actually hitting me sideways OR that i needed to rely almost completely on the GPS for a hit .
Visited as 1 of a 3 site hit with the Mrs and our 5 hounds .....

"These are the remains of Avro Lancaster PA411.
The crew had taken off from RAF Lindholme near Doncaster during the night of the 20th December for a Night Familiarisation exercise, this was to have been largely local flying. At just after midnight on the 21st the aircraft was heard flying east over Tintwhistle in low cloud, followed by the sound of it crashing. The aircraft burst into flames and was more or less gutted by fire. One of the crewmen had survived the crash and was found alive by the first local residents to reach the crash site but he died shortly afterwards.

The recorded details of the crash are very brief but they state that the aircraft was meant to remain in the area around Lindholme but had strayed too far towards the west without the pilot becoming aware. He had begun his let down procedure when the aircraft flew into the hill."

(Crash details courtesy of The web)








IF you know where to look it's possible to see the scar that this crash made heading East on the Woodhead pass.


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