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Longlands School May 6th 2015


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So after wanting to explore this site since the start of the year I finally took myself last Wednesday. Being only a 10 minute drive from me and having went to college there from 2002-2004 I knew the place quite well and with a few friends sharing someone's forum post on Facebook I thought I best get off my arse and get down there and see what all the fuss was about.

All day id been gagging to finish work in excitement of exploring my old college, seeing what memories id could rediscover. We drove slowly past the site a few times scouting out which would be the best way in, the site is in the middle of an housing estate so we needed a route that was quick and easy. We eventually agreed on one, parked the car and went for it. Lets just say its more difficult to get into your local fish and chip shop on a Friday evening.

It looked like a maintenance team had been on the site a few days before hand securing the site with wooden beams and new padlocks etc. Knowing the site well we eventually found a door with a panel beaten out and clambered through.

I'm going to let my photos do most of the talking but my favourite parts were the canteen and sports block, mainly because that's where I spent most of my time when at college. It was sad to see the site like this but was awesome to go back and rekindle so many memories.

This is my first ever report so I hope you enjoy it but if you've got any tips for me to improve my reports in the future please feel free to say.


Enjoy :)

The main entrance


Entrance to the sports hall and classroom

The sports hall

The sport classroom

I passed my first ever coaching course on this field

Computer software still lying around

Collapsed conservatory entrance to the canteen

Canteen serving hatch

Nice plant in the reception area

Art classrooms

The library

Nature overtaking this former office


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28DL Full Member
Good report mate, I was up there recently actually.

Mind dropping me a message? Cheers. Welcome to the forum, I'm new here too.


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28DL Member
Used to play there wen I was a kid and got chased off by the care taker many times! Think I might take a wander ove r there again now. Nice report tho mate brings back memory's

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