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Longlands School - Stourbridge - May 2017/September 2017

Jake Alan Craig

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Welcome back, so this is Longlands school in Stourbridge. This is the 2nd place that I've explored. Again I don't know a lot of the history and didn't take many pictures. the history that I do know about this place it that it was used as an all girls school which opened in 1912 and closed in 1990, I'm not sure why. it then reopened as an art college, as part of Stourbridge college but unfortunately if finally closed its doors in 2011. On the 6th if September 2016, 4 fire engines were called out to the school to deal with multiple fires that had been started by vandals. It took nearly 2 hours for the fire brigade to get the fires under control. Article about the fires. It was after reading the article that I actually first found out about the school, and I just had to check the place out for myself. The first time I went to the school i spent nearly 2 hours wandering the grounds joined be my friends Cam and Joe. The first time we went we were successful, but when we went back a few months later there was a security guard, who wasn't the politest man I've met. We went back purely to find the canteen and kitchen, which we had missed the first time, and unfortunately we didnt get into the buikding the 2nd time we went, but I am determined, I will see the canteen, and I WILL BE BACK!


We actually played Frisbee in here so that was fun i guess.
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