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Report - Longport Oil Works, SOT. September 2011


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Once again found myself with nothing to do for a few hours so decided to try some where a little closer to home in between the rain showers.

Unfortunately not been able to pull any information on this place. Seems to be that anything in stoke that is not pottery or no older than 50 years is not documented any where on the web. All i have gleamed is that it was once a Repsol owned site. So if any one has information on this site i would be most grateful if you could share.

1. The slightly weathered security (?) tower

2. Having second thoughts about climbing that one.

3. Stripped.

4. A couple of the 22 columns that make up this site.

5. Clinging on for dear life amidst the grip of vertigo.

6. Still holding on...

7. One last look as the sky begins to clear.

Thanks for looking folks!

Chris Webb

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28DL Member
I think that old Repsol site was formerly run by a London based company called Carless,Capel and Leonard.The name then changed to Carless Chemicals and it's something else now. They made their own petrol years ago and then opened a site at Harwich Essex which is still operating. They process the North Sea Gas Condensate from the Gas Terminal at Bacton Norfolk and both Harwich and Longport were rail-fed with this flammable product from North Walsham Norfolk. I went into both sites when I was a tanker driver in the 70s. Longport made a very light petroleum spirit called SBP - special boiling point - and companies like FMC and Granox who were animal by-product processors used it for cleaning purposes.Harwich made other things,one of which was or is wood preservative for Rentokil and Protim.I never knew the Longport site as Repsol and the last time I went in there was the early 70s.I last went in Harwich in 1978,but I know that site is still operating.
Hope this helps.

Chris Webb

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