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Report - Longrake spar mine Derbyshire 06/2010



What to say about this place,well in one word inhospitable comes to mind.Only being my second mine i didnt know what to expect.After what seemed a while spent crawling on hands and knees through small holes cut into back fills and collapses we were in.The air seemed some what thin to say the least and photography was almost imposable so apologies for the shots.Visited With J4M35 &Eotech on a mini Derbyshire mine explore.All said and done it was the dirtiest,muddiest and dim place ive ever been in and would gladdy go back and have a sleep over.....a little history and the shots..... This mine is to the west of Youlgreave. The Long Rake Spar Mine Company was started in 1867 to mine Calcite, in the early 1920's Major Potter formed the Long Rake Spar Co Ltd. The plant was erected in 1924/25 and a shaft 300 feet deep sunk. This was wound by a 1926 built 12HP Vertical boilered winding engine (re-boilered 1934). The cage in the shaft had a capacity of only 3 men and only went to the 300 level.
The mine went on to have 3 levels at 300, 375 and 425. The lower 2 being accessed by underground declines. The decline was worked by an electric haulage engine built by the sullivan Machinery Co of Chicago.
The processing plant for Long Rake Spar Mine is still in operation and the mine is private. Underground operations ceased in 1981.
The huge open rake which was several hundred metres long was filled in around 2001. The headgear still stands and can be easily viewed from the road.











Thanks for looking ......Oldskool

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