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Looking for fellow explorers to collaborate with

Alex para

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Hello guys please be nice lol I’ve been exploring since 2018 I’ve done some cool places but I’m looking for new people to explore with yes I am what you call a YouTube goon but I do love photography and documented old abandoned places of course I’d prefer if you also do filming and of course document with pictures what I do is explorations at night and paranormal investigations if your interested please contact me via email skriller20151@outlook.com I’m located in Southampton if your Hampshire based would be great


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"Yes, I'm what you call a YouTube goon"

:D :cool::popcorn

At least you are honest! Recognition is the start of the road to redemption.

EDIT Hang on - I've also just noticed you do "explorations at night and paranormal investigations". :eek::eek::eek:

That will be double redemption required then.
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Welcome to 28dl and Thank You for being honest, however with the YouTube and Ghost Hunting you have certainly opened a can of worms, each to there own though.


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Hi tried to email you but it didn’t work‍♀ but would defo be down to hangout and explore together

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