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Looking for new Explorers!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I'm not on instagram!!!
I'm not a technically minded guy so don't use computers and all the social media stuff much!!
If you still want to chat and maybe go exploring then let me know on here..
Cheers Brett


Flaxenation of the G!!!
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Hiya, I have a car too so can also travel!
Give me a message on instagram

Urbex: @Laurenhexploring
Personal: @sleepqueen99
why would you join an online community and forum where there are plenty of options to communicate with members through posting new threads, joining the chat box or sending private messages....but then proceed to try and 'pull' members over to a completely different platform (that is not at all linked to 28dl) to contact you?


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Please remember that this is the internet and although 99.9% of people will be genuine there's still a chance that the person you are meeting is a psycho murderer rapist
No one wants to be murdered then raped

Exploring with established members of the forum offers a bit more protection as they have been around for a while and people know them

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