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General - Looking for people to come on a rooftop mission. (London)


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Looking for people to go climb something tonight and catch the firework show in London. Would be great if more people would come with us


A Predisposed Tourist
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you should consider posting some threads on the forum,considering you only joined yesterday its hardly surprising you didnt get any genuine replies on here mate


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Ah, yes, It was us you joined early in the night.
I read the thread this morning and thought I recognised the name.
Was a good night chap.


Stay in, save lives.
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That's what I'm expecting, the words police, chased and epic will surely be in capitals somewhere.
At least Ally law would have been a bit closer, these pics look like they wernt even in the same town lol.
Each to their own but when I hear of 30+ all roofing together then getting chased by the police I just think you fucking pricks, even after all the recent public attention you're still trying to make the situation worse, sod everyone else as long as your having your 10 minutes of fun sort of attitude. No consideration for the hobby because they are merely doing it for a fuck about.

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