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Looking for places


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Hi guys i am in Blackburn Lancashire, me and a group of friends are looking to go exploring some old buildings, pretty much anything could anyone help me with some locations please ? Doesn’t have to be blackburn as we all drive so ideally anywhere within 30 miles of Blackburn, thanks in advance guys!


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Hi and welcome :thumb

Unfortunately you're unlikely to get the answer you desire around here as it's not generally how things work. Have a read of this:

It explains the dos and don'ts of the forum. Users on here put a lot of effort into researching and exploring these places so don't like just giving out details left right and centre to anyone. I'd suggest using the search box at the top of the page and searching for places near to you yourself. Don't mean it in a patronising way or anything in the slightest - just wanted to give you a heads up. If you can't find anything right where you are then try searching using the name of a town or city nearby and I guarantee you'll find something to get you started!

Any questions about exploring generically then do feel free to ask :)


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Welcome to the site! As Seffy said above, it doesn’t work like that. Have a read of the guide he posted before you progress any further.

I’d advise getting some reports uploaded of places you’ve been already or found, then you may get some help, advice, and maybe get invited out.

Have a read of this guide to help you posting a report:

There’s tonnes out there, use the search box to your aid and you may even find something in your area!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reports soon! Just shout if you have any questions!