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Question - Looking for someone to climb with


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Hello 28DL

Please note this is not a post asking for experienced climbers to 'teach' me

I just wanted to make this post to try and find someone like minded to me who is also fairly new to climbing.
None of my current friends are really into crane climbing and photography but still love looking at the photos I take, and the last person I met turned out to be a graffiti artist so no luck there.

I'm not into hanging from cranes or any of that James Kingston stuff, so please don't message me if that's your thing! The last thing I want to be doing is watching someone die! I just love the adrenaline rush of climbing and taking pictures of places from a totally new angle.

I'm 17 and based in London.

Feel free to message me if you're interested and we can meet up or something.


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You're in the best place really if you like cranes and rooftops!
Although it might not be what you wanna hear, often the best way to go about getting people to come out with you is to do some solo stuff and post some photos. It shows people you're 'legit'.. That being said, someone local may well take you up on your request, who knows! Think there have been a few new members from the capital recently :thumb

Chu Lam

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28DL Full Member
hit me up i'm 17 and London based too, message me if you're doing a climb and i'll try and tag along


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28DL Member
I live in Fulham and need someone to climb with so hit me up if you want to explore some places or take some cool pics


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28DL Full Member
Ayyy Im in London and just found this site today because I want to get back into this stuff! I would love to come along, climbing is my speciality

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