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Question - Looking for something new! Northumberland

jack Cervantes

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28DL Member
Hi people, does anyone know anywhere in the north of England (Northumberland) or the Scottish borders where I can explore an abandoned building which isn't close to people so we don't get caught?



I call bullshit!
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It's unlikely that anyone on here will spoon feed you with locations as you have no previous contributions. You could be anyone - arsonist, pikey or who knows what. The only way to get in to this hobby is by your own means. Use the search box, top right of this page, to find places near you, post some reports of them and people might then trust you.

Top tip - the easiest / starter level explores are ROC posts. As far as I know you're generally no more than 20 miles from one. ROC heritage have a map here

Good luck.


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Joined September 2015. No reports in over three years. "Can anyone tell me any locations?".

Mmmmmm....this isn't going to go too well....

jack Cervantes

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28DL Member
sounds like you need a different hobby as this clearly isn't working for you. If you want somewhere where your guaranteed not to have bother or get caught then try booking onto a tour or joining English heritage :thumb
Excellent banta (sarcasm) anyways I may of worded it wrong, I just want somewhere where I can explore without getting my explore cut short, I have done many explores where it's been cut short
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