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Looking to meet other explorers , sheffield and Yorkshire


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28DL Full Member
looking to meet other explorers as I am new to this and not sure really were to start also any advise welcome thank you in advance thanks Jamesjd


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28DL Full Member
Welcome James.
I suggest you expand your introduction ( shoudn"t be too hard ;)) as nobody knows anything about you, and lot"s of this stuff involves trust....you could be anyone Police, Secca, Chav, Serial Killer etc etc

What interests you in this game ? what inspires you? even if it"s for a Uni Course. Do you have climbing abilities or such like, all this info gives fellow members an insight into you, and may affect whether they bother to get in touch or not.

Normally the way is to get some reports up. Use the search box for locations, Sheffield features heavily as you should already be aware living there :D


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28DL Full Member
Hey. We are from Manchester. But keen to explore all over the UK.

Would be up for a trip to Sheffield 1 weekend. Iv heard good things about the old court house.


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28DL Full Member
Hmm well i could of took you to barnsley hall asylum but it got knocked down and im not sure of anywhere else at the mo but in kiddieminster theres a few places


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Guys there is nowt difficult here...

You know your city (I assume) so go to the places that you know are derelict and see if you can get in!

Failing that use the search bar and type "sheffield", and hey presto a huge list of places. Some will be there, some will have been demolished... but a quick google will sort that out for you.

Even better, if you don't want to go to the places that have been trudged over for the past decade by every explorer, photo goon and pikey, have a drive / cycle / walk around the city and you'd be surprised what you will notice.

I'll even drop one in the mix for you to try... Eye Witness works is due to relocate either now or in the very near future (news is ambiguous) and as that is the last sizable unconverted cutler in the city, I'd say its one not to miss...