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Lead or Rumour info - Looks like military storage? - Bristol/Nailsea


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whats that..????(bottom right corner of image) seems odd to build a field and road around it...


That's an old Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery, quite a few nearby, that's probably the one in worse condition at moment, other good ones nearby thou:




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thats dam handy to keep those welshy's in line......:)

would have thought by now the farmers would have ploughed tem in ....!!!



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Whilst looking on google maps I noticed something just outside of Bristol and quite near Nailsea. It looks like storage depots of some kind, possibly military. From google maps it looks like six mounds covered in grass. Could be nothing of interest but just wondered if somebody might know more about this.

Not sure how to pop a link locating the it on google maps but here are the co-ordinates which you pop into the search bar:

There are another 4 of these spread out around the Hallen area. I stuck them in a kmz file here:


The POL tanks are highlighted in Red. I've had a wander round the Northerly most site near the farm (without a camera :banghead) Lots of old pump buildings and fuel bunkers. There is still activity in some parts of this area.
The South tanks are definitely still active, and have a tanker terminal.

All of the GPSS sites around the Country are linked by 1100 psi pipelines. Some engineers put a hole through one past Filton Airport on the A38 and flooded a few houses!


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(Bumping an old thread, but so what eh?)

Interesting read about the Flax Bourton site, I've been curious for a few years about what it was used for after cycling past it frequently.

Thanks for pictures!