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Report - Lord Line Trawler Company Building (First Report)


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Lord Line Trawler Company, St Andrews Quay, Hull.

So this is my first report, I know this one has been done to death but I thought I'd tell my story of how I got my start.

This building was opened in 1949 as a home for the Lord Line Trawler Company,the largest deep water fishing fleet in the world. The building was only in use for 26 years until 1975 (this seems quite incredible to me that it only operated for such a small amount of time for the size of the building). I guess the decline of the UK's fishing industry wasn't foreseen when construction took place.

The site has become gradually more derelict ever since.the previous owners 'junction' attempted to demolish the property with a view to developing the land however this was met with strong public opposition due to the heritage this building signified. Over the years there has been many schemes to develop the site and restore the building however none have come into fruition yet including a museum, apartments and other ideas. However all attempts to demolish the building have had lots of opposition from petitions.

After seeing a lot of videos on YouTube and having a read online I took an interest in this building in July last year, along with my partner. We contacted a friend who also had an interest and wanted to go have a look around. (To tell the truth I expected the building to be full of drug users and muggers lol). to my surprise the access was incredibly easy and we were soon inside. Apparently this is an issue for the council. They are trying to get the current owners Manor Property Group to Seal the building however all their attempts have been inadequate and people have door regained access. Anyway, the main thing I was shocked by was the amount of high quality graffiti, this stood out to me as quality artwork and not just quick tags. We quickly made our way up to the roof as we we're excited to see the view. We quickly had to leave as somebody suspected the police were on their way.

I went back last week on 16/02/21 for a better look round. Again I was nervous about entering however after chatting to an elderly photographer who told us he regularly went inside to photograph the artwork, I felt like I'd be chicken not to. Anyway, this time I took my drone and had a much better look round inside. Please enjoy the images below, if I've missed anything please let me know, and go easy on me. Or just roast me, I'm happy either way.


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