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Report - LordLine/J.Marr Building - Hull - December 2011


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The St Andrews Dock area has always been one of the closest sites on the map, growing up with Hull as the closest city to me. Parts of the site have been redeveloped, now home to a retail park. Over time i've pretty much nosed about it all, visited and revisited soaking in its derpiness just because its there.

I've covered the listed pumphouse here

and the Seafish Industry authority building here

So i thought i may as well put these up too. Its nothing new and nothing special. Just a derelict reminder that once upon a time, there was actually money in this horrible city.

The Lord Line Building -

This building was the trawler company offices. Opened in 1949.

At 0400 hours on 31/11/75, the last trawler ever to sail from St Andrew’s Dock, Hull, the Arctic Raider, slipped her moorings and set out on her last voyage, to Spitzbergen, leaving behind her a dock that was empty of trawlers for the first time in 92 years. By 1978, all of the side fishing distant water fleet sailing from Britain’s biggest fishing port, Hull, was laid up, rusting, waiting for the attention of the breaker.
By 1988 St.Andrew’s Dock itself had disappeared. Slipways, jetties and offices had been bulldozed and the dock filled in.








J.Marr Building -

J.Marr (Seafoods) Ltd, based near the port of Hull, England began trading in 1979 and is a subsidary of the Andrew Marr International Group.

Our business is the procurement and trading of frozen pelagic fish species principally harvested from the North Western and Southern African waters, the North Atlantic, the East Coast of the USA, South America and the South Pacific Ocean.





Since the fish dock closed in 1975 various attempts have been made to breathe new life into the landmark without success.

The Manor Property Group, have taken over ownership of the buildings and have also acquired pretty much everything else.

"It's very early days but the initial idea is to look at the possibility of developing an educational campus based around maritime research."
http://www.yfaonline.com/node/5265 Video of the docks in full swing.

Thanks for looking :thumb


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