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Report - Los Arenas de Barcelona (Bull ring) 2002


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Visited here back in 2002. The place is now a shopping mall.

Well this is my first real explore post here so any critisisms will be helpful.:Not Worthy
On holiday about 2002 so ok its a retro post really, but then I never realised there was much interest in UE.
A bit stupid looking back, I searched this building alone after chatting to a local old guy. The building stank of urine and was home to various vagrants and stray dogs, mainly in the night time he said. Didn't see any drug paraphernalia but that was not to say it was going through my mind.
This building is huge, too much to look at on my own, I checked where I was and made sure I knew a way out should I need to. After a few external shots I ventured inside.
Not much signs of Spanish chav activity, graffiti or senselessly smashed things so made my way to the main bull ring, trees growing through the sand attested to its last use for bull fighting.
As said earlier I just snapped a few photo's with a disposable camera bought for this occasion from a vantage point then made my way back. Then spotted an obvious sign of habitation though did not photograph them. A brand new pair of trainers, probably shoplifted, placed neatly together at the entrance to some dark room I had no intension of entering. Yes I bottled it.
After 15 mins I made my way back to the bright sunshine and spent the rest of the day wandering around Barcelona.
As a Postscript to this adventure, this building has now been modernised ino a shopping mall. Just google Arenas de Barcelona and you will see what it looks like today.









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The company itself provides some spectacular photos, Google shows a load too https://www.google.es/search?q=aren...&sa=X&ei=HR8pVbW4NYX5UpfVgaAF&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg

I doubt I could improve on those. Great building, they actually gutted it completely, jacked up the existing walls and built underneath them. The walkway on top is amazing.

Same old crap shops though.
Thanks everyone for the interest in this:thumb

I have a book, Spanish title, "Arenas de Barcelona" Historia d'una Transformacio
English title , "Arenas de Barcelona" The history of a transformation. By Luis Alonso

This is a bilingual book(English, Spanish) packed with history pictures, many of which were taken during the demolition but also of the arena in use and interior photographs back in the day, also a few then and now pics from the same perspective.
Most of the text and pictures though are of the rebuilding and redesign stages so this may be of limited interest as the book can be expensive,
The book only concerns 'Las Arenas' at the base of Montjuic and not the more well known 'Monumental'
Dont know how well it would stand up to an earth quake though, if they have had any in this area.