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Lots of reports coming soon, Lancashire area


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Hi! We are Urbandoned, a small group of lads that have been exploring abandoned buildings for about a year now and are interested in the photography, cinematography we can create from them.

We are aged between 14-15 but we're not those usual teenagers that smash the shit out of the place and litter and vape etc, you know the kind, we are very interested in the architecture, the history and the exploration itself. We have progressed throughout our year exploring and are now quite sure in how we want to go about this business, and as it is our summer holiday, we have decided to start it off now.

We have been uploading on our Youtube channel for a decent amount of time now but I as the main filmer and editor am not happy with the content we are creating and I want to change it so it is more focused on the buildings themselves but also has our own interpretation of them mixed within.

We will start exploring very soon and uploading a little later, but I will also be reporting our findings on here as much as I can with as much detail as possible because I hate shitty reports with scarce detail so you can't tell whether the place is worth it or not. The reports will feature the history, day of our explore, photos and a link to the video.

For now, check out our old videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCROi_qD5re7PFGoxghAqKsA
And be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/urbandoned
And we will see you here and on our other social media within the coming week.

Thanks for reading :)