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It should be a crazy golf course. I wouldn't mind playing the 18th on the roof :D


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Went to site and still accessible. Attractions still there and not much changed by look of older reports.


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28DL Full Member
This seems to be one of many places 'eyed up' for a golf course. I will be vising here sometime in the near future.


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Visited the site yesterday. Though the main park area (site of the rollercoster etc) is still intact and unchanged, when I visited the area closer to the castle appeared to be getting dismantled. There was a large crane and a lot of construction noise - unsure of what was going on as I just skirted past to get to the main attractions, but seems as though work is underway.
Therefore, access is best through the lower fields - as there is a site cabin on the main connecting road/path.

Edit: video from my visit -
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