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Love for heights from London


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Hi there guys, I am new here, and new to this type of fun, but I am not as much into urbex as I am into heights, so my place here probably gonna be "high stuff".
I have already read a lot here, guides etc. now I am looking for some info about sites I can climb at the beginning, because I had climbed rooftops of some tower blocks back in my country, or mountains but nothing like cranes or really high buildings or masts, and last year I was actually trying to climb a crane on building site, I have done all the scouting for last 2 days, found really good spot to get in there quickly, was planning on hitting this place at about 12 am, New Year's eve, but it didnt happend, I stayed for party for too long, get drunk and wasnt able to do it, and now a year later I found this place, and I am even more determined to start climbing places I should not be climbing, especially the highest ones, I just love heights and I want more of it, so I will do my thing and hope that one day I can finally make my first, good report


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Welcome to the site!

And have a read of this guide to help you posting a report when you’re ready.

There’s tonnes out there, use the search box to your aid and you may even find something in your area!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reports soon! Just shout if you have any questions!