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Report - Lower Colossus.o.t.s - 26/7/07



Visited with loops last night, hope you had fun at work :).

Cheers again to JD for the info.

Well we had just done upper c.o.t.s and were still eager to do more and were looking to complete the set. So we decided wed stay up late and do the lower c.o.t.s system.

Having had a few failed attempts looking to getting down here even contemplating rope climbing down the plughole. An idea which was disapproved even before i finished speaking. I wasn't to keen on another failure. But as luck would have it we were a go!.

As soon as we were in we found ourselves looking down another plughole. But it wasn't the c.o.t.s one. Hmmm might be another system waiting to be cracked?. Down we went. It was pretty incredible. We headed down a metal staircase which wrapped itself down and around the plughole. It really was like something from a James Bond film.

When we got to the bottom we found ourself in a chamber with the plughole exit and a round raised platform in the middle with diverting blocks all around it. As we were there we couldn't resist standing in and looking up the plughole. I really wouldn't want to fall down one of those things, it would put a bit of a downer on your day.

Behind us was a offshoot tunnel which led down some small stairs into the biggest concrete tunnel i have seen yet. It was huge almost 5/6 times my height. And surprisingly enough even with all the present rain we've been having bone dry.

In the distance we could hear a large rumbling sound at first we thought it could be rushing water but after ten minutes on high alert we cooled down and started taking photos.

We spent a few hours down there just photographing that one junction deciding to save the walk down the pipe for another day. After messing around with shadow puppets on the walls we headed back up and out.

A good end to a find night of draining. Will return to do the rest soon.


Heading down


Bottom Chamber


Looking up the pit!


Main Tunnel


And again


This pic wasn't edited at all it came out like this i was really pleased!


Loops (left) Zero (right)



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