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Report - Lower COTS: Boobs, Tubes & Burn-outs 2010


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Siologen.

A bit of a last minute plan hatched at the end of last week, Silo said he was coming down to Brighton on the Sunday and I had the evening off so it was drains ahoy!

Current viewers of this channel may have heard of my absolute drain/germ phobia so it's taken four years for me to man up and actually do it.

I was dead to the world in my afternoon nap when Silo cruised by North Street and made the call. It was welly time. I popped on my pair of pink Marigolds and miniature boiler suit in preparation for what I thought was going to be much scarier than it actually was!

First we went to pick up Genie (My robin) to transfer all our garb before we drove futher afield to check out some other leads. We blocked up the road doing an impromptu old car photoshoot which made the jealous ones honk their horns in annoyance.

Westside.....Eastside....fall on your passenger door side.....

I'm not gonna lie, my car isn't the roomiest of rides but if you fold yourself into an envelope shape, you can just about squeeze yourself in.


Feeling like two people in a 650kg car wasn't enough, we decided to drive by the seafront to pick up Alias so we could all go back to mine for cats, chips and massive TV viewing.

Genie decided to do a "dangerous park" outside the very posh Grand Hotel which attracted a audience of tourists and hotel porters. We let her cool down and chill out whilst we got heckled by men up lamp posts. Some random old couple pushed her and eventually we got her going again :p

After a wee bit of faffing on my part, it was finally drain time. I decided the best way to keep out any germs was to keep my mouth shut. I wonder if Silo just thought I wasn't feeling my usual chatty self but no, it was to keep out the invisable monsters that may or may not be the death of me.

I finally relaxed and didn't freak out at every bit of detritus on the walls and floor. Now it was boob O' clock. Under wise direction from the boob master himself, we compiled a fine selection of tasteful soft porno shots for the avid explorer looking for a bit of skirt amongst the dirty debris.

I took a few furniture shots for the craic with some expert help with lighting and we made our way back out. CLONK! Back to the GenieMobile, all dirty clothes in a bag and a barefoot drive home :p

A car swap later, we were back at mine to do some pavement screeching burn-outs and some loud conversations about the varying turgidity of ball sacs. The neighbours heard I'm sure if they hadn't already been woken up by the car stunts and we bid of farewells! As I was walking down my alleyway, I screamed as something soft landing on my head with a beany thud. Thinking all my worst nightmares had come true, I looked up expecting to see a drain monster had followed me home, it was just my housemate throwing a giant cuddly zebra from the upper floors and into the street. Crazy days :p

A massive thanks to Silo for putting up with my "WTF is that!!!!??" and nervous disposition and Alias for just being.....well, Alias.

Here's the photos! If you don't like tits, old cars or drains, look away now :)












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