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Report - Loxley Chapel - Sheffield - May 15


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This was mine and @BrainL last spot on our day in Sheffield and for myself love places like this but wasnt that much in there

History -
Loxley Chapel was built in 1787 by the Rev Benjamin Greaves who was the curate of Bradfield, along with a few friends. The chapel closed in 1993 after the parish had dwindled to an unsustainable amount. When the construction of the chapel had been completed, consecration was to be refused because the builders declined to put in an east window for unknown reasons. It was later sold at auction for approximately £315 and thus became an independent chapel. According to a religious census of 1851, an average congregation at an afternoon service was 200 and it had started performing baptisms in 1799. The first officer onboard the Titanic, Henry Tingle Wilde was reportidly christened here
Today the Graveyard and associated land is poorly maintained (it seems to be a theme in Sheffield graveyards).















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great report , theres just something about old churches isnt there a different atmosphere.

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