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Re: Loxley College Sheffield - REPORT 18/02/07

It was a good explore, we spent quite alot of time in there. Some of the coridoors around the art rooms were quite confusing and we sometimes went round in circles ;) .
There was two colleges next to each other one was loxley that we visited and the other Stannington. The Stannington one was smashed up stupidly bad, but the Loxley side had some vandalism but nowt really too bad.

don't spode they got a dev lab you could use in there :thumb

yup around the area where all the films were we found the developing labs, with some equipment left behind like red lamps and an enlarger. It smelt gorgeous in there too :)

Heres a few other photos from the day, im really pissed that i didn`t get any external shots :(

Student Services

A lecture room

the gathering of the OHP`s


Really liked the pattern the desks made for some reason

An old Commodore scientific calculator

Old timetable

In the kitchens

A photography lecture room (someone`s had a chuckle rubbing varous letters away)

On the roof


A 35mm slide i found

A CPU in the computer room

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