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Report - LUDDINGTON HOUSE - Egham, Surrey - May 2019


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Jumping on the tour bus here. Visited with @The0farrell over a week ago now back on the 20th of May. At this point there were only 2 posts on this place posted the night before we went. I never really post my explores on here, I've only posted a couple. I thought about posting this place but decided against it because it was in such mint condition that I thought it wasn't worth sharing publicly due to the inevitable vandalism. A week later and now there's so many more reports and I believe it's getting more and more popular and trashed as the days go by, so it's too late to essentially protect this place. In that case, I thought I'd share my explore and photos with you all.

This Grade II listed building was built in the 17th century and has been abandoned for years, a part from some extensions which haven't been abandoned as long. I believe it was used as flats, considering I found letters addressed for a flat in the east wing, and especially since the majority of bedrooms had bathrooms and mini kitchens attached, as well as the visitors parking outside. The owner Ms Gina Gratton-Story died in 2010 and the building was inherited by 2 charities but then was sold for £2.5 million in February this year, so work will probably start some point in the near future.

We had explored St Peters Mortuary and Hayworth House before this, so the day was going successfully so far and we felt positive about this place seeing as someone had only been in the day before. As we turned up there was a car parked in the driveway, we wondered if perhaps we had been too late and something's happening to it now, but as we walked up it turned out just to be other explorers as we saw them come out to get in their car.
The whole explore was pretty relaxed, but when we first entered the building and were greeted by a toilet, we wondered for a brief moment if this building was actually abandoned because the light was on and it just looked like someone was redecorating. It is actually abandoned though, and we spent a good couple of hours here before we headed off.
By far one of the maddest places I've been to. Didn't really get many photos that weren't the stairs because I was so caught up in this place. The whole house was stunning, especially the grand stair case. It was massive and I got lost in it about 5 times. Weird that the electricity was left on as well, but sad that this beautiful mansion has been left to rot. One section of rooms had a very strong smell of damp and mould. I think we definitely went at the right time, before too many people had been and there wasn't any vandalism at all.











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Nice angles in shots here. Did you saturate the colour? or are the walls that pink lol. Any way nicely done :thumb


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Me and a few friends tried going here last night, everything was fenced off with signs saying theres possibly guard dogs, and when we jumped a fence, we instantly heard barking, so wouldn't reccomend going!!


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