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Report - Lumb Clough Brook Sewer Overflow - Manchester


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Visited with Yaz and Dempsey

This one was certainly a well earned explore.

On a typically wet Manchester afternoon we descended upon our target. A lead secured by nothing short of hours of endless effort and trawling of useless documents on google.

It wasn't in the simplest of sites, being close to a training ground. The lid was larger than average. We had prepared for this by bringing the patented lidbuster 3000 which some of you may have seen. This is a tool reserved only for the toughest of northern splits.

Nevertheless by hook or crook we got in and our visit was short lived.

This is the now defunct Lumb Clough Brook Sewer Overflow. Due to new EU regulations requiring a vast improvement to the discharge of sewage into rivers this overflow has been dry for years, following modernisation to the local sewer system. It has been blasted clean by the drainflushers and as such is in a beautiful condition and can be done in trainers. There are several small stalactites left hanging from the ceiling. The only sign you are in a sewer is just the smallest sense of nostalgia that you can't put your finger on. The feint smell that all CSOs have....

On with the pictures



big thanks to yaz and dempsey, so glad to tick this one off. Manchester still delivers!
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