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Report - - Lurk in the Irk, Manchester. 11/8/08 | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Lurk in the Irk, Manchester. 11/8/08

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north star

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Out in Manchester with a few explores in mind myself and stepping lightly sorted out our gear and started making tracks but with a few complications in our way we decided to turn to our next task.
Back to the car we went to get our waders on which wasnt as easy as it sounds, putting on waders in the middle of manchester out of the boot of a car with the local bag heads and a few stragglers passing by was quite awkward.
Into the river Irk we climbed and with myself not taking the right lighting and not the best camera as such, my pics arnt the best but you can make them out (just)...:confused:
Walking up stream against the very strong current we then pulled ourselvs up into a tunnel that your able to stand up in to an extent.
Following the windy bendy tunnel further and further the tunnel got lower and lower we passed through 2 drop chambers with grates above
we got to the third and had a breather then headed back sliding back down like we had skis stuck to our feet...


The rest stop.




The BRSA corridor thet crosses the river




Snapping at each other



S.L packing up

Time to leave.
Once again thanks go to s,l for guiding the way and filling me in with all the underground history...:thumb
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