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Report - Luton WW2 air raid shelter jan 2012

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I am sorry to say i don't have much information on this place even tho i have tried extensive research. All i know that this is one of 4 shelters in Luton. However their is rumored to be a 5th. This shelter was about 30 meters below the ground.

I happened to find a lead to where this shelter was but was still not sure on the exact place. However having found the ladders leading down to the shelter i finally knew i was in and this was it time to have a look around something i had been planning for a while.

The main entrance sealed.




Didn't take to many pics of the long tunnel's as their all the same


Their seems to be a second entrance which is bricked up and had some wood and cones thrown down their however this is the only bit of mess in the whole of the Shelter.


Thanks for looking


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