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Report - Luxor - Lancing - September 2016


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Luxor.... Now, I dont know about you, but when I first heard that word thoughts conjured up in my head of a grand old cinema with history, full of old features, fallen on hard times, but still in the hearts of the locals., and when I found that this place has never been reported before, I wanted to waste no time .. Well let me tell you something. WRONG. The Luxor was shit. Some pikeys recently threw a matress in there and torched the place, and the main frontage has been turned in to shops. Sadly, the Luxor is mostly gone. I don't hate myself enough to find a bunch of history about it because, frankly its a 10 mintue explore tops. There is a lot of wheelchair stuff in the back, so it may have sold mobility scooters at some point? Who knows? Who cares? A shame, because I do love an old cinema, and it's sad to see one so carelessly torn to shreds. After the fire it is now up for nomination to be a community asset. Clearly Lancing must be really in the gutter if this old shitheap is an asset.... A shame.. I feel for the old girl, shes had it rough. Here are some photos.... I did this to save serious urbexers a wasted trip.


I guess this is the offending matress.


See... I couldn't even be bothered to focused... I insulted myself by even editing them.


More nothing


Dunno what this is but I thought it was cool




About the only thing left of its bingo hall days


It looks like there is/was construction work going on upstairs.... God knows what for...

Hope you enjoyed this amazing report... Feel free to leave songs of praise below, as I worked soooooo hard on it... Thanks.


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Shame - it looks a nice Deco building when passing on the train to Brighton (that's as close as I have got to it)


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Had a total bust of a day recently. After being let down by fresh anti-climb paint and new boards all over the old pool in Worthing, we jumped off the train home to get a sandwich in Asda and eat it on the roof of this place (just to not have a total, total nothing day). A couple of old women we saw in their garden must've called the rozzers - we were just going downstairs when we heard a proper "POLICE" shout. The guys were pretty sweet and just told us to go home, but the place is a dive. not recommended.


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Oh my god. If I got busted in the Luxor I'd throw myself off the roof in shame. Thanks for the heads up on the pool in Worthing. Alarmed and covered in anti climb. They've done well