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Report - Lydden Spout Battery nr. Dover, March 2010


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I had found this place a couple of years ago now but had never bothered returning to get better photos. This was my 6th visit to the shelter and along for the ride was Urban Junkie, Skydiver, Maniac, Shadow, Muffie and Frosty. :cool:

This is still probably one of my favourite shelters in the area. The entrance is horrific to say the least. After a steep decent down the remains of a cliff edge walk which over the years has weathered into a mere verge down the cliff, you have to climb up to the entrance. Someone has very kindly tied up some rope but this has been there years and WILL eventually give way. Once at the entrance there is a large cliff fall supported by some wood. This is the entrance. Once you have carefully worked your way in being careful not to make the condition of the entrance any worse then you enter a large dome area, this is where there has been a huge downfall. Climbing over the down fall you are in :popcorn


Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 on the cliffs between Dover and Folkestone. This consisted of three 6â€￾ naval gun positions, magazines, gun rooms, a plotting room and a large deep shelter. The guns were removed in the 1970’s but the foundations are still visible to date. All underground parts are in a good condition. Above ground most buildings were demolished but an officers mess remains and is now used as a cow shed.

On with the photos:







Thanks for looking :thumb
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