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Report - Lydden Spout Deep Shelter 6-4-15


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The deep shelter at the site of Lydden Spout Battery, on the cliffs to the west of Dover just above Samphire Ho, can only be visited with EXTREME CAUTION due to the precarious condition of the collapsed entrance. The main sections of the shelter are fairly sound, although damp, and original graffiti from the engineers who constructed them in the Second World War can be seen in unlined sections.

Work on this shelter was carried out by 172 Tunnelling Coy R.E. 1n 1941, the complex being designed to house 4 officers and 170 other ranks in approximately 3500 square feet of floor space.
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28DL Full Member
Its very slippery now and inside the roof has more or less completely given way one knock of something I would guess its game over :(

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