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Report - Lydden Spout Deep Shelter, Dover - December 2016


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Visited with @UrbanZ and four non-members.

History (stolen from Wiki & Subbrit):

The history of this site has been extensively covered and is so readily available I didn't wish to bore you again, so I have only included brief excerpts.

Lydden Spout Battery is a World War II coastal defence battery built in 1941, West of Dover. Originally armed with three 6-inch Mark VII naval guns on Mark V mountings, later upgraded to Mark XXIV guns on the same mountings. Fan Bay Battery to the east of Dover is built to the same plan.

Although initially little appears visible, as most of the buildings have been demolished, much of the underground features still remain largely intact, bar backfill and a few roof collapses.


After unfortunately deciding against descending the cliff face on our first visit due to bad weather conditions, this was one we wanted to see, and I’m glad we did.

Descending the disused cliff path towards the deep shelter took a bit longer than expected, possibly due to the fact I was trying to stop Mr Hanky from leaving his trademark signature whilst watching a few (barely noticeable at first), specs in the distance of the bay below turn into a visible congregation of spectators :confused: but thanks to a bit of encouragement we made the final ascent and we were in.

Upon entering the shelter there is evidence of multiple roof collapses, the largest of which being nearest to the cliff face entrance, and at least two more further in.
Most of the timber supports in this area are badly damaged, but all in all the rest of the shelter is in reasonable condition, safe, and well worth an explore.

The first section of the shelter is unlined, but part of the way in the steel corrugated roofing starts and is held in place with steel hoops situated at regular intervals.

Towards the back left of the shelter are stairs. These would have allowed access from the heater room on top of the cliff down into the shelter. Although this has since been backfilled and is no longer accessible from the top, most of the stairs beneath are intact and it is still possible to walk most of the way up.
There is ventilation trunking lying on the floor all around the shelter, and one section carries up the right-hand side of the stairwell.

We spent a good couple of hours here before making the ascent back, which I found much easier than coming down, but enough of the details and onto the pics...

1. Main entrance roof collapse, with door mostly intact

2. Looking back at roof collapse

3. First junction

4. One of the main passageways


6. Steel lined section


8. Transition from steel to unlined roofing with ventilation ducting on floor

9. UrbanZ in his element

10. Main passageway leading to stairs and old heater room


12. Looking out the shelter entrance.

Thanks for looking.


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Nice report dude, was a fun explore this one and hilarious watching you and the other one shitting it on the descent.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thanks mate. It definitely was a good explore.. once inside! Haha I bet. We all have our times hey ;)

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