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Report - Lydden Spout Magazine, Dover - October 2016


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Visited with: @UrbanZ, @Dora Grew Up, and a couple of non-members we met on the cliff.


Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 on the cliffs of Dover and housed three 6" naval guns. The gun positions were demolished as part of the 'Eyesore 'Clearance' in the 1970s, although the foundations remain and can be accessed via muddy holes. It is just possible to squeeze into the magazines and gun crew rooms directly behind each position. A Plotting Room, which was sealed for many years and a large deep shelter still remain on the site in good condition. Above ground, some buildings such as the former mess and cook room also remain.


Whilst searching for the entrance to Lydden Spout Deep Shelter, the prevoius nights rain leaving the cliffs in one suicidally slippery state of affairs, and trying to avoid getting run over by some extremely inconsiderate and down right dangerous dirt bikers circumnavigating the cook house, we encountered a couple of very friendly and helpful locals who directed me to the Magazines. I say me as Dora was so intent on getting to the shelter despite the treacherous conditions, she'd already preceeded to decend the cliff-face on her arse in search of the deep shelter. So I left her to it, as any concerned fellow explorer would, and headed down the muddy hole.

I didn't spend long in here due to it's size and the fact Dora was still somewhere on the cliff face, alone.

Exiting the shelter I proceed to receive a barrage of text messages, the last reading "Fcuk, don't do it"! Thinking a call to the emergency services and her parents explaining how she'd somehow managed to fall to her death off a cliff was on the cards, I made my way hastily back to the cliff face directly above the deep shelter entrance.
Ten or so tense minutes passed, then a pink hard hat finally appeared from beyond white rocks, and a mentally scarred Dora emerged, disaster diverted. But not before almost loosing what little hair I had left.

Although small and not containing much of interest, it was a good little mooch, so big thanks to the locals for this.

Onto the pics..

Looking back at main entrance.


Crack in wall has increased in size.



Magazine rooms.


Backfilled entrance.

Thanks for looking.
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Dora Grew Up

Roof collapsed behind my head as I was walking out. I was tiptoeing walking around because it was dodgy as fuck.

I'd never do that ever again.


Like a cat on a fence....
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The deep shelter is not to bad. Would have been worth the trip down the cliff mate, its just some loose chalk above your head. Was in there the other day with a large group of experiacnced cavers and explorers alike and nobody was to bothered, if you are in the area again.. Give it a go


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28DL Full Member
Thanks for the info buddy. I wasn't too worried about the chalk roof, it was more the condition of the slope, we'd just had torrential rain, and my shoes weren't too grippy, but we've got another trip planned soon so will definitely give it a go, this time with the correct footwear :thumb

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