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Lydiate (St Catherine's) chapel- March 2018

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taken from Lancashire past.The ruined church of St Catherine is known locally as Lydiate Abbey. It was never a real abbey, but was the private chapel built by the Ireland family of Lydiate Hall -sometime around 1470s. It was built for husband and wife Laurence and Katherine Ireland. When Henry VIII abolished the monasteries the law also impacted on private chapels, and most were decommissioned. They then either fell into ruin or on occasion were able to become parish churches. Interestingly neither of these things happened to St Catherines and it continued to be used after 1550. Why this was is not clear but perhaps it served the Catholic people in the area of Lydiate, even while Catholicism was being actively repressed by the crown. Records show that Jesuit priests were sectetly buried in the grounds in the years afterwards.

this was just a chance explore if you can call that but lets just say this building is very very old and its surprising it still exists! so here are the pics (fingers crossed these work:thumb) (sorry about the quality of the pics in advance these where took on my phone as i didnt have my camera on me!)