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Report - Lydney Train Underpass October 2015


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Small History
For years in Lydney the underpass was the safest way to cross the train tracks but on May 9th 2012 without notice they closed it and filled part of the top in so people couldn't walk under and blocked it off with a gate. The reason for this is because they installed new automatic barriers instead of having someone manually open the gate and close the gate but the old tower by the rails was demolished quite a long time ago. People still use the underpass although it isn't very easy with luggage and the town its self want it reopened.

My thoughts
When I moved to Lydney it has always been closed off to the public but in the last year someone has managed to open up the gates and it seems people just hangout under there now or use it in an emergency. On one train journey I made the gates got stuck and traffic was stuck there for around 4 hours to wait until an engineer could come out and fix it, I had a lot of luggage with me so I quickly went under but it was quite annoying being tall and dragging a crappy pound saver suitcase which pretty much disintegrated on the first use. Anyway I know family members have told me that they use to go and hang out in the watch tower where someone would go open the gates manually and it was a really amazing building, I hear many people quite distraught that they took it down as it use to look a lot nicer, now it looks very plain and empty down there. Funny thing is though someone owns the land and I took a picture of the notice but they can't actually find the owner at all so maybe they're going to restore it? Who knows.

Anyway here are some pictures
underpass 1.jpg

underpass 2.jpg

underpass 3.jpg

Underpass 4.jpg

underpass 5.jpg


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That's a nice little footpath. Shame there's nothing interesting there :thumb
Suppose you could stand under the bridge if it was raining...
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It use to be a beautiful area but the council seem to remove everything that is awesome. The tower sounded like it was fantastic but they got rid of that.


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Hmmm. Can't say that this is the sort of thing this site is about mate. Go to Pine End!
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Just a small thing really, didn't think it was worth to much but I like the little walk way, when I went to pineend there were security there and quite a few people unfortunately


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Good effort mate, at least it's a first report. As long as you're happy, that's the main thing.

If you can get to Lower Lydbrook, take a look at Edison Swan; that's not a bad place. Just watch out for the mad polish guy with the (maybe illegal) Alsatian!


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Sounds awesome Clebby. Thanks for the feedback both of you, I haven't done massive things yet, the biggest is Crump Farm that I did in residential, I'll move up to bigger ones and do a bit of traveling to eventually, I know I'll be meeting with Connor at some point to look around Gloucester as I have a few locations I want to do. I guess it's finding them really and not wanting to screw up being a newbie so I'm just looking at the forum to see what people do and also hopefully I'll do meet ups with people in the future and that will help me learn more while I do it. Thanks everyone anyway I appreciate feed back and what not so I can see what I'm doing right or wrong.