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Report - Lyndhurst Park Hotel, New Forest - June 2017


"Just having a look officer"
Shamelessly robbed from the BBC...

"Originally named, Glasshayes House, the mansion house on the edge of Lyndhurst was built in the early 19th Century as a private home for railway entrepreneur Charles Castleman. Along with Louis Stevenson, its notable historical guests included Lord Carnarvon of Highclere Castle. It later became the Grand Hotel, and then the Lyndhurst Park Hotel.

The Lyndhurst Park Hotel, once linked to smuggling, was visited by Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson. Developer PegasusLife wants to replace it with 74 pensioner flats."






















28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
God it's really wrecked now!! Is that evidence of someone rough sleeping there, in pic 7?

Great pics all the same, you've captured it just at the moment from where you can still imagine the original glory days and the moment where it's transitioning into vandalised pile of rubbish.


28DL Member
28DL Member
Tried to go here but theres a caravan now onsite with big metal fencing surrounding the caravan and hotel! Such a massive building, shame we couldnt get inside but dont think it will be there for much longer :(


Thats No Moon............
28DL Full Member
drove past it yesterday ...almost screamed when I saw it saying I HAVE to check that out lol.....still has metal fence around it..didn't see a caravan


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
You won't get in there, it's sheet solid metal on all windows and doors, 2 lots of fencing and often security and planners on site. CCTV but unsure if it works. Permission granted for a care home so work will start soon. I went early last year and it wasn't anything special.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The amazing panelled room.. what a waste! :eek: and at least give the pillows and duvvets to a homeless shelter or something before you abandon it.. :mad:


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
funny enough I was talking to a friend in my local CLP today about empty derelict houses..and how many over the years have simply been left to root...and you are right why things like furniture and other items couldn't have been donated to charity..is rather baffling...let alone the building being repurposed considering the housing shortage....I have a sneaky feeling some councils let them go to ruin on purpose as then they can simply be knocked down rather than spend on doing something positive.


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Work about 5 minutes down the road from here and managed to get in about 2/3 days before they started erecting the fence around it which is now fully up I believe. Roof access was wicked but the place was fucked. Very very creepy place


Urbex Addict
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Yeh definitely I liked the explore. One time before me and a friend were round the back looking for access could hear someone walking clear as day but nobody showed lol to the point where we were shouting hello at the darkness..... made more of an edge for when we got in


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I drove past this the other day, still looked pretty locked down.

The owner, PegasusLife has had numerous planning applications turned down, and appeals refused - so don't expect it to go anywhere too soon. and the very tenuous link to Arthur Conan Doyle only serves to give the heritage lot more fuel - I do a lot of work in the Forest, and whilst the locals hate it, they hate the thought of a huge care home even more! NIMBY-ism at it's finest.

I also heard that the new surrounding fence contravenes planning conditions, so there's a good chance it's to be taken down.

Another one I failed to visit whilst it was worth it! :(... hardly seems worth it now.
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@Chalkie31 yeah ot was quite eary at night tbf.

@amfalconer oh really? Thats interesting to know, ill keep a look at on that then! You didnt miss too much though, it was interesting but wasnt amazing

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