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Report - Ma Wan Village, Hong Kong, Sept 2017


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Before I start I’d like to thank user HughieD for helping me out with the location and useful tips, if you haven’t read his report of this village I’d suggest it as it is an excellent read.

The History

I am going to keep this brief as it is covered extensively in the aforementioned report. Ma Wan is a small fishing village that resides upon an island of the same name, sandwiched between the much larger islands of Lantau and Tsing Yi. Simple life was upset for the residents when the money men to the east realised its economic potential, building a residential complex and rehousing those displaced. The residents of Ma wan main street village were forced to sell their homes; they have stood empty since.

The explore

Returning from a trip to Vietnam, Honk Kong was only a short stopover in-between flights, but I had just enough time for a quick explore. It was hot, humid and I hadn’t showered in over a day, but it sure beat the airplane lounge. The explore was no more difficult than walking through a regular village, and there were a few Chinese locals exploring, and plenty fishing.

For a village it would be seen as remarkably small, but for an explorer the sheer size of the site makes it hard to investigate it all; multiple return visits would be necessary to see all that this fishing village has to offer. The oppressive heat and inquisitive mosquitoes ensured my pace through the buildings kept a brisk note.

The expressway looms in the background of the village, providing a busy juxtaposition to the tranquil setting.


Despite being offered adequate alternative housing, a few residents were less than pleased about being turfed out. Protests continue to this day about the treatment of the village locals.




Most houses have a similar layout of a central room with bedrooms and facilities coming off of it, and stairs to higher floors.



Some unrecognizable Chinese mascot.


Most houses had rooftop access.


And an outside garden area.


Some access was blocked by locked gates with government notices.




Hints of the village's past.



I do like a bit of amusing graffiti.


A well-kept and current shrine in the midst of all the abandonment.


Not the best sight around the corner in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country. I think he was shooting a film.





Fishing huts.


I have no doubt that a return visit would turn up completely new sights, and that I missed far more than I saw.


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Glad you enjoyed it mate. Top pictures and great take on the place and looks like you had good weather too!


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Yeah weather was good, bit on the hot side. The place is so big and full of stuff that I had a hard time choosing what to include in the report, had to leave a lot out.

The Wombat

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Looks an interesting place
I'm always surprised at the volume of dereliction in HK
Excellent report :thumb