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Report - Macintosh Mill, Manchester, September 2011


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This was a rather random explore - I was enjoying a pint in the Britons Protection pub when a guy saw my camera and we got talking about photographing derelict buildings. It turns out he has done quite a lot of this but has never heard of urbexing or 28DL - he has now. Anyway, he said there was a derelict mill building just round the corner and it would have been very rude not to have a look.

The Macintosh Mill in Manchester was constructed in 1825 for the purpose of making waterproof clothing - this was invented by Charles Macintosh and involved making the fabric and then combining it with coal tar. By 1850, the works comprised three mills, a warehouse, a vulcan house, calender sheds, and gas holders. It was taken over by Dunlop but closed in 2000.

The main mill buildings have been converted into flats but one corner of the original building remains, as does a separate outbuilding. I am not sure exactly what this was used for but I think it must have been a warehouse or workshop of some kind. It's in a pretty bad state now.



I have no idea why there are roof trusses in here. My fellow explorer suggested they might be from the roof of this building but I don't think so as there aren't any missing from the roof.


Some of the trusses were labelled.


Pigeons have obviously got in here.


There is a gantry crane, presumably for moving the trusses.



Warehouse racking



Electrical isolators. Most of the cables have been stripped from the building, not sure whether by chavs or done for health and safety reasons.


For me, this was the highlight of the explore - this control panel hanging from the crane.


Thanks for looking. Please let me know any comments as I'm still a 'New member' at the moment but I will be writing another report soon - hopefully the first of many!

I do have some more photos from this place if there is interest.
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