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Report - Maiden Law Hospital Morgue April17


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'Early in 1902 the Medical Officer of Health for Consett, Dr. A. D. M. MacIntyre, being worried about the possibility of an outbreak of Smallpox in the area, suggested in his annual report that the Lanchester Joint Hospital Board should provide a special Hospital in some central position exclusively for the isolation of this disease. Chaos due to cross infection would result if cases of Scarlet Fever and Small pox were congregated together in one ward. To the Board’s credit, prompt action ensued. Within a year, in 1903, a permanent Smallpox Hospital, known as Howden Bank or Maiden Law Smallpox Hospital had been erected at Mawsfield, Maiden Law. This was a galvanised iron building on the opposite side of the road to the present Sanitorium. In this instance combined Medical foresight and administrative action was rewarded because in 1903 an outbreak of twenty-two cases of Smallpox occurred and these were removed directly to the new Hospital.

In 1906 Tuberculosis was a major problem in Consett. Great difficulty occurred in admitting cases to Stanhope Sanitorium, which was at that time the nearest establishment for this disease. It was hoped that the County Authorities would undertake the erection of a local public Sanitorium. By 1906 the Smallpox epidemic having subsided, the vacant Howden Bank Smallpox Hospital was temporarily converted to a small Sanitorium and this afforded an interim solution to the problem. Patients on admission were obliged to pay 12s. 6d. a week, as a proportion of the cost of treatment.

Between the two wars Howden Bank reverted to its original use for Smallpox cases. After the Second World War, with the virtual disappearance of Smallpox, the Hospital was sold to Laing & Co. and was used as a clothing factory. While in use in this capacity, the building was destroyed by fire.
To summarise the situation in Consett and district so far, there existed by 1910 a Workhouse Hospital at Lanchester, an Iron Company Infirmary at Consett, an Isolation Hospital at Leadgate (Villa Real), and Howden Bank Smallpox Hospital and a Sanitorium. It is difficult to realise that just over fifty years ago, Consett, with its population of 30,000 had still no facilities for Surgical or Hospital Maternity work, and had to rely on transfer of cases to either Newcastle or Durham'

Found a way into the main hospital but it looked completely empty and fire damagged so didnt bother. There was a few wireless cameras about and with some of the other buildings being converted i wasnt too sure if they worked or not. Probs not but I wasnt fussed about it.

So the morgue! EPIC small, especially when you bump into 6 more explorers in there but glad i finally got to see this place. Not many places have slabs in tact.








and it would be rude not to



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Your getting about a bit at the moment mate. Cool pics, loved this place the slab is amazing :thumb


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"bump into a few exploreres" not mean make them shit them self on the roof looking like blooy turtles with bags on there back mate


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Nice to see this again. Good to see it's still not too trashed still.

Decent report :thumb
I know im amazed its lasted so long. I had to get up here and see if before it is. The only slab ive managed to see was denbigh LOOOL and we all now how fooked that is