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Report - Maiden Law Mortuary, Durham - March 2015


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Not much online about the hospital in itself let alone the mortuary, set nicely away from the rest on the site. There is a hospice at the far end of the site too and some other old hospital buildings that look pretty locked down. I believe that it is due to be houses at some point, correct me if I am wrong.
I visited the Mortuary a couple of times and had a couple of failures but the third time was most definitely going to be the right time. I wasn't making this 4 hour drive again haha.

This was one of those places I wasn't going to give up on, just a shame it was so bloody far away but it never disappointed.
The slab rotates, which is the first one I had seen in the flesh that did this. It is also very very clean given the decay and state of the rest of the building. I must have easily spent 2 hours in here just taking about 345,675 pictures! :eek:

Anyway, here are the pics.






The cat still has residency


Thanks for looking :thumb


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Nice shots from a fab place :)