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Report - Majestic Culverts, Oldham - Sept 15


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This has been posted a few times now but the spraycreters appear to have been at work on the second culvert since the last report I've seen so here it is again.

The River Medlock flows from Strinesdale Reservoir into a stone cascade, it drops down into a series of three culverts. The first starts as a stone block arch around 7ft tall and travels underneath the water treatment works, from which an overflow drops in half way.





The culvert shrinks to brick around 5ft with a central channel to take the flow, the height decreases further towards the outfall leading to a debris strewn stoop back to daylight.



After a short walk topside the Medlock drops into another culvert beneath the site of the former Orb Mill. Strengthening work has occurred here recently for a new school being built above; a layer of spraycrete covering random bits of stone and in some cases anything else that happened to be in the way.







The best bit is towards the outfall where the tunnel swells to a stone pipe around 12ft tall.



The last stretch takes the infant river under the Majestic Mill, the culvert's namesake. It starts under a bridge and soon meets a small tunnel which brings in a small but overflowing sewer. A few changes of construction and material later and the river emerges a short 110m later.






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Really good looking place this and nice differences to the brick. Great pics also thanks for this.

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Good to see here again, cracking photos too :thumb

There had been a minor collapse in the second section, looked as if it happened during the clearance of the site ready for the school, there was a steel plate over the small hole.

As well as getting its name from the mill, it also seemed an appropriate name as both Ojay and myself got our Crown Jewels wet and it was done on the day of the big royal wedding of William and Kate, best way we could think to celebrate and the culverts do run next to 2 pubs :D


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The spraycrete should keep things held up for a while now hopefully, I'm surprised it had collapsed though given the size of the stone blocks that made up the crown.

I had a look at your report before going and wore chest waders appropriately, there's only one section were it would approach breach though. The rest of the time it just made my back look weird while kneeling for photos!


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