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Report - Majestic Culverts - Oldham - Sept 2015


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Dragged my dad underground to come and explore 3 of the 5 Culverts with me, been wanting to get down here for a while.

The River Medlock comes down from the Strinesdale Reservoir into the first of five culverts. The highest one starts as a stone block arch around 7ft tall and travels underneath the water treatment works.

The first entrance is a stoopy start but it gradually opens up into stone which takes you to the upper end of the culvert.
Majestic Culverts-7.jpg

Majestic Culverts-1.jpg

Majestic Culverts-4.jpg

Majestic Culverts.jpg

After a short walk we arrived at the next culvert which drops down under the site of the former Orb Mil. Strengthening work occurred here for a new school being built above, they installed a layer of spraycrete covering the roof of the culvert. Pictures 1 and 2 are by my dad.

Majestic Culverts-8.jpg


We then went in the stretch that takes you under Majestic Mill, the culverts namesake. Majestic Mill is a Waterhead cotton mill that was built in 1903. and is still in use today. The culvert is very decrepid with old rusty metal beams.

Majestic Culverts-9.jpg

Majestic Culverts-10.jpg

Majestic Culverts-13.jpg

Majestic Culverts-12.jpg

Majestic Culverts-14.jpg

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Some cracking photos there @KGr33n and a good write up too :thumb

Think you'll have to get your dad signed up to the site, his photos aren't that bad either ;)

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