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Report - Malsis Hall | August 2017


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Malsis Hall in North Yorkshire was a former birding school for pupils aged 3-13 years.
The school opened in 1920 and closed in 2014 due to pupil numbers.
The building was originally built in 1866 with later additions made by the school.

For anyone interested in the development check out this site: Here
For More History: Here

The grounds of the school have now been sold and with plans to build 100 new homes.

The site is a great visit however I believe demolition has already started.



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28DL Full Member
hey buddy what was security like? regards Ben
when we went it was non excitation but there where singes of regular patrols and visits by sec. Annoyingly I didn't take a picture of the log book by the front door that would have helped predict.

Either way I plan to go back before its completely demolished so will update you then

Looks good, more internals please!
I know I should have got more shots. Plan to go back so will see what I can get. There is a drained pool inside I really want to find.

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