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Report - Malthouse, Maidstone - July 2020


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Hello all!

This is my first post but have been actively exploring for a year or two now.

The Malthouse in Maidstone, Kent, has a few posts from 2019 so if you’d like to know some more and what it looked like inside I’d advise viewing those reports.

The last report I read had explained the building had been fully bordered up and on my visit it certainly still is and someone clearly doesn’t want people in there. That being said, the house is being renovated with brand new equipment such as ventilation and guttering. Although the outside has seen better days, I can tell you there is a brand new bathroom inside. Unfortunately, that does mean this is no longer an abandoned house.

Here are some pictures from the outside including one of the Defenders - the vehicle graveyard (if you could call it that) still has a few vehicles and machinery.



I will hopefully have some more reports coming soon from places across the south east.

Bikin Glynn

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Not a bad effort but some more pics wouldn't go a miss.
Are all the vehicles still there or has the field been cleared? Is it being restored then, I thought it was prob past that tbh

Calamity Jane

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Good effort on 1st report. Echo BG here, some internals would be nice, Id like to see how its changed since last year.

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