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Report - Malthouse, Maidstone, Kent November 2019


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This stunning farmhouse was granted Grade 2 listed status in 1984 and has a very rich architectural past from what I can gather. Parts of the building appear to have signature signs of being built during the 16th century. This building has undergone so many transitions throughout time and this layering of architectural brilliance is apparent when looking closely at the exterior of the building. I have been informed that the extended part at the back of the building occurred at some point during the later part of the 1800’s and then once again in the early 1900’s. From what I have gathered from other people’s posts and reports on this place, it has been abandoned for quite some time, possibly even before I was born in 1997.

When I went, there was no access to the building and it looked as though it had been fairly recently boarded up. Although it was a shame that I couldn’t get inside, I am a sucker for pretty buildings so I was actually quite happy to just see the outside of the house and the cars. I know some people haven’t really found the car graveyard to be anything special but I actually enjoyed it. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that it was my first car graveyard, although I have to say I would definitely go back and get a few more pictures. I had absolutely no problem accessing the grounds, but I have seen reports of people who have gone here after I went who have had encounters with shouty farmers and nosey neighbours. I’m just very lucky that wasn’t the case for me!

Anyway, I know this is another one that has been done quite a bit but I hope the post and pictures are appreciated anyway.








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I went to this back in may 2019 was lovely inside ! I do wonder what there gonna do to it new thou

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