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Report - Manchester Central Library, Manchester – September 2011.


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Wiki - Manchester Central Library is a circular library south of the extended Town Hall. It acts as the headquarters of the Manchester, which also consists of 22 other community libraries.

The design was the result of a competition held in 1927 for a new library and town hall extension; the winner was E. Vincent Harris. The library was constructed between 1930 and 1934, but because of its traditional neoclassical architecture it is often mistakenly thought to be much older.

At its opening one critic wrote "This is the sort of thing which persuades one to believe in the perennial applicability of the Classical canon". The form of the building, a columned portico attached to a circular domed structure, is loosely derived from the Pantheon, Rome. The library building is grade II* listed.

After the fun over in Royds, Opal 3 and Candle House we headed home for a pop at the library, at this moment in time the scaff isn’t finished but the inside is fairly stripped already. So no hidden passages through bookcases I’m afraid.

Morse headed of home so myself and Millhouse stood infront of the giant fencing that surrounds the building, tonnes of noob fresher’s we’re being pushed out of the clubs along with the constant stream of taxi drivers.
With only slight difficulty the fence was bypassed and we swiftly legged it to the scaffolding, a cheeky dive over some poles and a sprint up the stairs got us to the roof.

Once up top we climbed the last piece of half finished sketchy scaffolding, planted our arses and got some snaps!













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